Guided sailing tours in wooden boat with square sails and motor

You can book our small sailing boat. It's equipped with maximum 4 sails. You must me prepared to give a hand on board. Very suitable for small groups or families with kids, who wishes to see the Bay from the seaside, visit the islands and have an exiting day on the water
You can book it for a morning or an afternoon tour or a whole day trip, for fishing or even for overnight trips in the nature. The boat is also equipped with a motor, if the wind is not cooperating. There is simple cooking equipments and life vest on board. You will be instructed. You can also come out with the fisher, evening and morning to set out and take in the fishing net.
Instructor: Leif Lende
Participants: max 6
4 hours  
€ 20
pr. person
minimum €50

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